Mom Rule #1: Treat Yo’ Self

I was once the girl that would fill up her online shopping cart with over $400 worth of items. Jackets, dresses, jeans, … you name it. A friend of mine describes me as ‘bad’. She won’t say exactly how bad I was, but apparently I was just bad. Now that I’m a mom of 2, I don’t really have the luxury of buying $400+ worth of items. I wish I did, but I don’t! Now, I’m shop on Amazon on a regular and fill my cart with Luke’s formula.

My carts also get filled with clothes for Gem and Luke. I indulge myself from time-to-time but my babies get way more than I do. If my mom read that last sentence, she would say “Well they’re supposed to! What you want goes on hold.” And to that, I’d respond with “Negatory, space ranger.” Here’s my take on this seemingly touchy argument. If I, a mom, took care of the rest of my responsibilities (Luke’s got more than enough formula, Gem’s all good on snacks for school, and they’ve got more than enough of their other necessities) then I am allowed to treat myself.

While I greatly appreciate the amount of time and unrelenting effort my mom put into parenting my brother and I, I wish she built a life for herself. Also, I wish she treated herself more.

I have this theory: before I was a mom, I was my own person. So, you know who I’m going to continue to take care of and indulge in? MYSELF. 1) If I don’t take care of myself, who will? 2) If I’m not okay, my little people aren’t okay. So if I need a little retail therapy, ever so often, then it’s perfectly fine. If I need to take a kid-less trip, then why not?

I believe that once an individual becomes a parent, their child(ren) should become the VIPs. But the parent should also treat themselves and maintain their happiness. It’s completely necessary, for both parties.