Stalkers, Creepers, and Jerks .. OH MY!

I’m very ready to date, again. I don’t know why it took me so long but here I am; 2 kids and a somewhat stable life later. I’m so excited about getting back in the game! But my excitement is kinda clouded by a teensy bit of paranoia and information-supported fear.

As much as I love using Facebook to save those quirky DIYs and recipes, I can never seem to ignore the news posts that headline, “Woman attacked by boyfriend” or “Woman’s kids abused by boyfriend.” Immediately after I get over my annoyance, I always ask 2 questions: 1) WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? and 2) Sooooo … how do I adjust to being single forever?

I’m very protective of my babies. I mean, Gem is 5 and can hurt someone if she really tries & Luke has the most adorable mean look that can sever a thousand souls, but still. I’M VERY PROTECTIVE OF MY BABIES! AND MYSELF! What if I go on a date with a serial killer? Or someone that owns one of those child-like dolls meant to suppress their … urges? There are so many types of crazy in this world. What if I come across the crazy crazy and not the fun crazy?

There are so many possibilities and cocktails of personalities in the world, you know? There are over a billion What If’s I can come up with, and I’m pretty sure I can’t effectively execute all of the defense scenarios that I come up with in my head. But I have faith. I pray to Jesus, every day, that my Crazy Meter remain 100% accurate so when (and if!) I meet someone, I won’t be fooled. Until then, I’ll continue developing my defense scenarios. Just in case.