I Like Strings. Strings are Good.

I was never interested in one night stands. I liked the idea of intimacy with the person I’d be spending the rest of my life with, but I have to admit that I’ve, also, been curious about how a person feels after a one night stand. I’ve asked some friends & coworkers how they’ve felt after their rendezvous and I’ve gotten the same general answer: “Fine.” The point of a one night stand is to get yours, go home, and never see the other person again. Sex without strings! It’s fairly simple. It seems so easy, right?

Until recently, I’d never had a one night stand. I’m 21 and all I’ve wanted was relationships! There’s nothing wrong with that but I was just a little curious and wanted to try it out. Of course, I heard my mom’s voice in my head saying “Curiosity kills the cat, Jewel!” But, this was interesting.

So, I had a one night stand. I was satisfied with the results (no pun intended)! It was actually pretty fun. I got mines then left and I felt kind of relieved that I didn’t have to worry about texting or calling the guy afterwards out of obligation. Some time went by and I actually started thinking about it (bad idea). I started to feel like crap! I kept questioning and doubting myself. For a majority of my teenage years, I felt that people that had one night stands were disgusting. And then I had become someone that had a one night stand, so I started coming down on myself. After a few good pep-talks, I was alright again but came to the conclusion that I’m just not the one-night-stand type. I’m not into sex without strings.

I’m definitely the relationship type, and I’m totally okay with it. No more curiosity, here.


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