The Skinny About ‘The Struggle’

We’ve all heard it. I mean, if you have basic access to television and social media, you should have!

The Struggle is real.

And, personally speaking, yes. Yes it is oh so real and very alive.

The struggle is different for every one. Some struggle with their relationships, some struggle with communicating, and some even struggle with finances. It’s normal. It’s a definitely a thing! But what I’m struggling with is my career.

Some consider my current career an honor and privilege. Some just got into it for the benefits (*slowly raises hand*). And some got into it because they had nothing better to do and thought they ought to be doing something. Very rarely do I complain about the people I work with. I love my coworkers. They make me laugh, keep it real, and are definitely some of the best people I’ve met, so far. But my actual job? Nah. I’m not passionate about it at all. Some parts of it are enjoyable but, overall, it’s not for me. When I’m asked why I want out, my answer is generally the same:

I’m too free-spirited for all this bull{crap}.

And it’s the truth! I’m a free spirit! I like to travel, explore, do crazy things with my hair, speak my mind (which I still kinda do), dress how I want, and more. I’m my own person so being confined to a strict set of rules and regulations just isn’t mixing well with my personality. Yes, I did willingly apply and take the position but it was an experience. An itch I needed to scratch. It was enjoyable at first but now it’s time to move on.

So what’s next? I’m diving into my passion, of course! I’m writing more and going to pursue acting again. I pushed them to the side a long time ago because someone said, “Those are good as side jobs but what are you really going to do?” If I could answer that person today I would tell them that I’m going to pursue my passion. It may seem unconventional or unpromising to some, and that’s okay. It’s not for everyone. Some people like being behind a desk! Some like performing surgeries every day. Everyone’s different and, believe it or not, that’s a really good thing. Our differences make us unique and uniqueness is what keeps the world going. So I’ll pursue my passion and you pursue yours.

But for now, I’ll go back to my desk job and continue writing during my breaks.