WJG Chase Her Dreams

Oftentimes, as adults with bills and responsibilities, we fall into the bittersweet rut of staying with the job that offers the most stability. We get comfortable with contentment and don’t chase true happiness or passion. That’s where I let myself down. I got comfortable with mediocrity and settled for money over happiness. My circumstances have made it a lot easier to make that decision, also. Raising 2 kids on my own is no easy feat, so adding in the anxiety, stress, & nervousness of going for the career I’m passionate about just adds to the plate. What I’ve realized, more recently, is that the anxiety, stress, & nervousness would all be worth it. I’d be pursuing and doing well in the career I’m passionate about, I’d be happy with what I do on a day-to-day basis, and I’d be working towards living my best life. Not only would I benefit, but my kids would benefit also. Seeing their mom get out of her comfort zone and forcefully strive for happiness is a lesson in itself; life’s too short to settle for mediocrity. Go for your gold.

So that leads me to where I am now. Going public with my blog brings on a bunch of excitement and wonder but is, also, nerve-wrecking. There’s always going to be those few people who have nothing nice to say. Dishing out destructive criticism, you know? Those are the people I’m looking forward to encountering because with those experiences come lessons, and I’ll forever be a student ready to learn and gain more wisdom.

So. You might be wondering what I’m going for. What my gold is. Honestly, I’m passionate about writing. I always have been. It’s definitely been my outlet and safe place, over the years. I’m just starting out so, realistically, I’m going to stay in my current job until my passion can pay for all of the responsibilities I’ve taken on. The difference between now and before is that I’ve really taken time to identify and learn more about myself, what I’m passionate about, and how I can execute my plan to be genuinely happy with my career choice. I prayed, for well over a year, for some kind of sign confirming what I believed I should do. When I received that confirmation, I was ecstatic but then had a few questions. “How do I go about doing this?”, “What am I getting myself into?”, and, the most asked was, “Why on Earth did I pray that prayer?!” I can laugh at it now because I’ve been blessed with some knowledge (or intel, if you will) on what steps to take and have been trusting and remaining hopeful & faithful but, right in that moment, I was nervous. When God blesses you with a gift, it’s up to you to use it. And if you don’t use it, like Pizza Hut rewards points, it goes away. God blessed me with an open door and I had to choose whether or not I was going to trust Him and walk through it or remain weary and close it out of fear & discomfort. My mom’s voice popped into my head: “God blesses us with the gift of choice, Jewel.” All of that leads me to where I am today; standing in my kitchen, writing out my first genuine & authentic blog post, OH SO nervous about pressing ‘Publish’.

You can’t see me but I’m raising my glass, over here. So, uh .. Cheers to chasing dreams, everlasting determination, and more than enough fight to get through the tough times.

{And I’m pressing ‘Publish’ in 3 … 2 … }


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