Black History Month 2018

*** Let me start by saying this: Yes. I know Black History Month 2018 is the same thing as me saying February 2018 however, it wasn’t the regularity of February that helped me get my life together. Emphasizing and focusing on the importance of Black History did it for me. So.. this is my Black History Month recap because it was absolutely amazing.

This Black History Month was different than any other. We were graced by Black Panther, I went through a few spiritual and mental re-awakenings, and I attended this awesome event for Black Women. So, yeah. I got my life. Read, below, so you can get yours.

The Black Panther

First of all, the soundtrack was released before the movie came out and if y’all listened to it beforehand you should’ve already known that this movie was going to be insane. Kendrick Lamar had his hands all in that soundtrack! The greatness that boomed in my car (mhm, I drive with my music kinda loud) made my excitement go from 10 to 25 in a hot second. Favorite song on the soundtrack? Opps.

Now… the movie itself. How do I even describe this wonderful, amazing, beautifully Black filled film? For me, it was inspiring. Seeing the Dora Milaje, in all of their glory, made my heart skip a beat. I feel like their strength was transmitted from the movie to my heart and woke a very silent part of myself. I’m being very serious. And Shuri. Y’all. Don’t get me started on Shuri. Ironically, I saw the movie with my older brother so watching how Shuri interacts with T’challa made my heart melt because I could directly relate to that relationship.

Overall, Black Panther was stunning. It was real, touching, funny, and more. I highly recommend parents taking their children (ages 5 and up) to see it.

My Spiritual & Mental Wake-Ups

Throughout this month, I’ve said some things that made me take a good look at myself. I really had to sit back and get to the root of some long-standing problems I’ve never directly faced. This thorough self-inspection brought me to tears for a few minutes but then it inspired me. I’m in love with the process of building up myself (and others) so this wake-up call was invigorating and definitely needed. I’ve started to consciously change for the better and observe how my decision has impacted those around me. It’s been pretty interesting.

The ‘I Be Black Girl’ Networking Mixer

I’ve lived in Omaha for close to 4 years now and, for a while, I was looking for something more fun to do than go to the movies or to Target. Somewhere on my Facebook page, I stumbled upon this awesome group called I Be Black Girl and immediately fell in love. I signed up for their next even which just-so-happened to be their networking mixer. When I say this event GOT. MY. LIFE… I’m not over-exaggerating. The event had different vendors lining the walls (which I gladly over indulged in) selling their products and mingling with attendees. It was nothing like anything I’d ever experienced or attended. I hung out with a few people I knew and they took me around to a few different tables. It was great and forced me to actually speak to people. I, also, dressed up a little. What really touched my heart was just seeing so many Black women in one room hanging out and supporting each other. It was such an amazing experience being that I’d never been part of something like this. I’d definitely attend this event again and invite other people.

Why Black History Month, this year, is monumental for me

Within the last 5 months, I’ve gained a confidence in myself that I never even dreamt about. I’ve prayed and asked God to help me be comfortable in my own skin and it’s all, slowly but surely, happening. I’ve decided to transition my hair because I’ve started to love my natural hair more than anything else, I’ve started watching my eating habits and have made conscious decisions to work out, and, most of all, I’ve made the conscious decision to be happy. Happy at home, at work, at church, … anywhere. I’ve refused to let anything stress me out and, honestly, this is the best mental state I’ve been in in my life, so far.

Along with my personal gain, I’ve started teaching my daughter about Black History. I’ve bought books and movies, I’ve changed what we listen to a little bit, and I’ve started random affirmations with her. Seeing Gem’s confidence soar and feeling her love radiate has been such a blessing and motivator to continue on the path I’m on with this. I’m big on representation so I do my best to display Black Excellence on a regular basis whether it be through art, architecture, or culture. Whatever positive representation of Black community I find, I make it a priority for it to come up in our reading and talking time. And these little moments with Gem make me even more excited and cognitive of the work I have to put in for Luke. Black people are magic. You can be sure that my kids will know that for the rest of their lives.


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