Writer. Foodie. Aspiring Author. Traveler. New Yorker. Mom of 2.

Hi! I’m Jewel and I’m all of those verbs listed right ^ up ^^ there ^^^. And more, actually!

I’m a born & raised New Yorker that currently lives in the Omaha area, taking in all of the nature and silence that NYC doesn’t really offer. As much as I miss home, I enjoy finding the little spots to explore and take my kids to. Being only hours away from Chicago, Minneapolis, and Kansas City makes the (very drastic!)┬ámove worth it.

Mainly, I write reviews on hotels, local restaurants, hidden gems (underground clubs, bars, etc.) and the different cities & locations I travel to. So if you have any sweet speakeasies or special secret spots you’d like me to check out, let me know! And, please, if you know of any live bands, gallery & restaurant openings, theater performances, or ANYTHING regarding the arts… HIT ME UP!! I’m such a huge supporter of the arts and would love to promote any up-and-coming artists.