I’m just a girl with a dream, a passion, and a plan.


Hi! My name is Jewel and I’m a laugh lover, sarcasm specialist, melanin queen, and sex sleuth. I’m, also, a writer, traveler, and mom.

I’m a lighthearted, confident, and silly young woman that’s desperately trying to get her life together.

My loves are baseball caps, New York City, my signature drink, and anything involving a good tear-jerking, belly-aching laugh.

I’ve been writing for well over 5 years but recently started this blog to share my journeys and experiences with parenthood, traveling, learning more about myself, and, seriously, getting my life together. On occasion, I’ll gush over a TV show or movie I’ve watched or an album I’ve listened to.

I’m really happy you stumbled across my space (ha…)! So, please, sit back, relax, and read on.

– Jewel